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  • Married to renowned artist Esther Gonzalez.

  • Worked in David Alfaro Siqueiros’ team that produced seven of his most important mural paintings.

  • Forever curious Guillermo creates or invents most of his work tools.

  • His engravings and lithographs show that Guillermo is a wonderful drawer, a skill he considers the vertebrae of most good painting.

  • Ceniceros has the deepest interest in Spanish language literature, poetry. His friend the late Juan Rulfo once said that the landscape work of Guillermo, so arid and devoid, was how he imagined the lyric world of Pedro Paramo – Rulfo’s novel and perhaps the most important work of literature by a Mexican author.

  • In central Mexico city the studio house of the Ceniceros is an always open den and refuge for writers, poets, painters, actors, singers and journalists. A TV producer taped a day at “Pomona” – its street address - and developed a “reality” pilot. However, Pomona is real, and really not a stage.

1939 Born in El Salto Durango, Mexico
1958 Graduates from the School of Art of the University of Nuevo Leon Mexico

Siqueiros (right) working with Ceniceros on
the murals at the Polyforum Center in Mexico
City, 1972

“ Centrifuge” engraving on paper 12” x 12”

Over 200 exhibits from 1956 to 2003
1969 Palace Of Fine Arts, INBA Mexico
1969 Museum of Modern Art Mexico City
1972 Martin Gallery Minneapolis, U.S.
1972 National Museum of La Habana, Cuba
1973 National Museum of Fine Arts, Santiago de Chile, Chile
1976 Guayasamin Museum, Quito Ecuador
1976 Atelier Guayasamin, Caracas Venezuela
1980 Graphic of Mexico, Puchry Studio, The Hague, Holland
1984 International Development Bank Gallery, Washington, U.S.
1989 Iturralde Gallery, La Jolla, California U.S.
1994 Aichi Prefecture Art Museum of Nagoya, Nagoya Japan

1962 Municipal Library, Monterrey Nuevo Leon Mexico
1979 Mexican Institute of Social Health, Mexico City, Mexico
1980 Center of Modern Art, Guadalajara Mexico
1984 Mexico Mission at the United Nations, New York, U.S.
1986 Tacubaya Subway Center, Mexico City, Mexico
1986 EXPO 86, Vancouver Canada
1988 Copilco Subway Center, Mexico City, Mexico
1990 Maderos Theatre, University of Nuevo Leon, Monterrey, Mexico
1991 Palace of Justice, Monterrey, Mexico
1994 National Bank of Exterior Commerce, Monterrey Mexico
1998 Chemistry Faculty Building, University of Nuevo Leon, Mexico
1999 Santa Engracia Hospital, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
2001 National Telephone Workers Union Theatre, Mexico City, Mexico

1969 national art award, SEP, Mexico City, Mexico
1991 Only Mexican nominee for the World Art Competition, for his murals in the Mexican subway system

Mexican National Institute of Social Health
Government of the State of Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Technological Institute of Superior Studies, Mexico
Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico City
University of Nuevo Leon, Mexico
University of Guanajato, Mexico
El Quijote Museum, Guanajato Mexico
Contemporary Art Museum, UNAM, Mexico City
Guayasamin Museum, Quito Ecuador
Museum of Contemporary Art, Morelia, Mexico
Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City, Mexico
Art Museum of Patzcuaro, Mexico
Art Museum of Cuitzeo, Mexico
Art Museum of Queretaro, Mexico
Jose Luis Cuevas Museum, Mexico City Mexico
Modern Art Center, Guadalajara, Mexico
National Museum of Art in La Habana, Cuba
National Museum of Fine Arts, Santiago De Chile, Chile
Prilep Museum, Macedonia, Yugoslavia
Guillermo Ceniceros Art Museum, Durango, Mexico